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Investment Management

We don’t believe stock picking and market timing lead to long-term investment success.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed numerous investing fads and periods of emotion-driven market volatility. Many advisors fall prey to the hot stock, model portfolio and market timing prediction of the moment, rather than focusing on creating strong investment strategies based on academic research and educating clients on the risks of mistiming the market and the corrosive effect of high costs on portfolio returns. As a result, many investors don’t earn portfolio returns consistent with their investment time horizon and risk tolerance.

Focused on Research

Rather than relying on market-timing strategies, we educate you on academic-driven strategies and create an investment portfolio that aligns with your needs and willingness to take risk. Rather than speculating about what the market might do next, academic research guides our decisions. We believe asset diversification, low costs, risk tolerance and investment time horizon should be reflected in your investment strategies.

A Disciplined Approach

We utilize a disciplined process to create an investment plan that aligns with your needs. This begins with understanding your investment objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance - all of which will drive your asset allocation and help us determine the right balance for you. Research shows that attempting to beat the market is a zero sum game before costs. And, after costs, it’s a negative sum game. In other words, you should expect to fall short of the market by the amount of the costs you incur in the quest to outperform the market.1

Ongoing Assistance

We see ourselves as planners first and take pride in our high-level service that extends beyond building a portfolio. After implementing your portfolio and other financial strategies, we regularly meet with you to review your personal situation and share our views of the capital markets and other important developments related to your portfolio. When needed, we will suggest adjustments to your portfolio to ensure it reflects your current objectives. Our goal is to be available to you when needed, and we make our team easily accessible by phone, email, and face-to-face meetings.

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