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Our Commitment

At Westlake Financial Advisors LLC, we believe there are several reasons why our firm stands out from others, and they all boil down to a deep commitment to our clients. Working with us, we believe clients benefit from::

Our Passion

We are truly passionate about what we do. Whether we’re working with our clients, teaching finance courses to new financial advisors, or volunteering to prepare income tax returns for the seniors in our community, we are committed to excellence and to helping in any way we can.

Our Independence

Is your advisor working for you or a product carrier? As registered representatives with an independent brokerage firm, United Planners Financial Services, we work for you and are solely focused on addressing your financial objectives. We have access to a wide range of services and products. We have the freedom to tailor each service to your needs, providing unbiased advice and objective recommendations.

Ongoing Guidance

We are passionate about educating and motivating our clients to take control of their finances and pursue their goals. We provide ongoing guidance regarding your financial plan, regular review meetings, and frequent communication. We believe that by offering you continuing insight into your plan and helping you understand your investments, you can feel more confident in your financial decision-making and have more clarity regarding your future.

Strategic Partnerships

We form strategic alliances with other professionals whose mission aligns with our own: to offer the highest level of service, expertise, personalized attention, and robust solutions. Beyond our internal team, we frequently work with attorneys and CPAs to assist with clients’ tax planning and estate planning needs. By crafting a team of specialized professionals working together, we want to help our clients ensure that their unique strategies cohesively integrate and that all of their specific areas of concern are addressed.

Creative Solutions

Too often, wealth management firms rely on cookie cutter approaches or model portfolios, fitting clients to limited strategies. In utilizing a holistic process, we strive to do just the opposite: develop personalized solutions to each person’s complex suite of issues. We enjoy building creative and multidimensional strategies that incorporate a client’s many needs, from today’s tax concerns and family needs to tomorrow’s retirement dreams.