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Retirement Plans

Many small businesses want to offer a retirement plan to their employees but are concerned with the time, costs, and liability. At Westlake Financial Advisors LLC, we seek to solve this problem by offering comprehensive group retirement plan services. As registered representatives with an independent brokerage firm, United Planners Financial Services, we are not tied to any single investment provider and instead have access to a wide range of solutions. We work closely with clients to determine an appropriate retirement option that helps both the business owner and employees pursue a financially secure retirement.

The types of retirement plans we support include:

401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

We assist business owners with plan design review, open architecture, fund monitoring, due diligence analysis, plan administration review, and more to help you manage your retirement plan and ensure it is up-to- date and benefiting both you and your employees.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Providing the highest contribution and tax deduction, you may consider a defined benefit plan if your company plans on contributing significantly more than the maximum for owners and key employees. We assist with all elements of these plans, including design, investment, administration and compliance, communication with employees, and control of expenses. Often, a business owner will consider incorporating a Defined Benefit Pension plan into their business succession arrangement.

Non-Qualified Supplemental Deferred Compensation

Depending on your business, you may need to be selective as to which employees receive benefits. This plan offers the ability to target specific employees a business wants to attract, reward, and retain.